About Friends of George and Gracie

Friends of George and Gracie is dedicated to promoting the idea that we must understand and cherish our ocean and the many forms of life within it. As the human population has exploded, we have placed greater and greater stresses on our ocean, ranging from pollution to climate change to overfishing. Unless we take responsibility now for the past actions of our species and choose a different course, our ocean will die and humanity will soon follow.


Our mission is to find ways to bring this message to the general population and invite them to become a part of a grassroots movement—a Seaweed Rebellion to save the ocean. We believe that popular culture can provide common ground to discuss such matters. In particular, Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek television series and films frequently address our responsibility to the environment and the way we should relate to non-human life. This extremely powerful modern mythology has millions of enthusiasts in countries around the world, and by taking advantage of this enthusiasm, we can spread awareness of marine conservation issues far and wide.


It has been said that a picture is worth 1000 words, but 24 frames per second speaks volumes. So we will use movies to get our message out, and we will do it as often as possible in actual movie theaters to attract a wider audience. Our first screening will be A Fall From Freedom, which exposes the inherent cruelty of keeping dolphins and other cetaceans in captivity.


We hope you will join us in our mission!